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Co-evolutionary Spam and Nigerian MegaHAL

Sometimes I think about taking all of my messages from the "Rainbow of Spammers":

  • West and Central African "political orphans"

  • Russian e-mail-order brides

  • webcam strippers

  • human growth hormone rejuvenators

  • body part enlargers

  • virus kiddie script users

  • work-at-home marketers

  • print toner cartridge vendors

and tossing them into a program that will feed them to Jason Hutchens's learning conversational agent MegaHAL, then spam the choice outputs back to each other. A genetic program of spam, kindasorta. Probably not worth the bandwidth, as I doubt spammers bother to really read replies. (Here is a hilarious exception for Lovecraft fans and those who hate the Nigerian pigeon drop, aka 4-1-9, scam.)

Oublic service: The March 2003 issue of Linux Journal mentions the SpamBayes project (as well as a technical article on blog systems such as LiveJournal, in case you were curious). For more resources in the fight against spam, consult


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