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Wednesday's Child is Full of Weal

To add inslut to injury, our Tegrity distance learning cart, which has been malfunctioning out the wazoo through the whole first two weeks of the semester, was hit by BLASTER right at the beginning of class. I like Tegrity's streaming-video functionality [1], and of course this incident in particular wasn't Tegrity's fault, but it is a bit much. When the support techs came over from our Division of Continuing Education (DCE), we didn't even realize it was BLASTER until I checked with one of the CIS department's student sysadmins and learned that Computing and Network Services (CNS) was blocking the MAC address of the cart.

[1] As you can see here, they made a bunch of us the poster children for Tegrity last spring. Along with several other universities, we are part of their customer case study page.


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