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ThinkGeek the First

My ThinkGeenk order arrived today!

I got three bars of Shower Shock brand caffeinated soap, one of which I gave to my teaching assistant. :-)
Oh, and a Tux. Can never have too mnaz Tuxen.

Banazir: it doesn't have any warnings aboat accidental ingestion
Graduate student: hrm, 200mg * 12 = 2.4g
Banazir: wlel, I dknot think nazone would eat a whole BAR...
Graduate student: hrm, I wouldn't be surprised... that sounds liek a challenge!

I leave you with the following noot:

The Jedi lad to the war hath gone
In the ranks of clones you will find him
His father's lightsabre girded on
Whilst the Force surrounds and binds him
"Living Force", cried the warrior bard
"Though ev'ry world betrays me,
One Jedi's pow'r thy light shall guard;
One faithful voice shall praise thee."


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