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Bha, Ghost Me!

Abuse this, Sith Drols!

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Skulking through the tarmac, swinging a studded crowbar, cometh Banazir! And he gives a cruel scream:

"I'm going to beat you until there are no limbs left to break!!"

Find out!
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Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

My student sysadmins have finally finished installing the master Norton Ghost image for the "Maiar" (five Athlon 2GHz systems that we got around February and have been installing with a WinXP/RedHat 8 dual-boot image). We will keep two and ship three out to Agronomy, Biology, and EECE. Later, we will probably get another two Maiar:

  • Eonwe - I have a Dell Dimension XPS D300 (Pentium II-300, 128Mb RAM upgraded to 256Mb, purchased in January, 1998) that I used to call Eonwe, but when it became astoundingly slow, I renamed it Tulkas :-)

  • Osse

  • Uinen

  • Melian

Meanwhile, the Dwarves have also been ghosted - four with WinXP and four with RedHat Linux 8 (I'll prolly upgrade to 9 soon enerf).


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