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How very male of you

(A kilo of CHOKLIT to whomever can identify taht quote! Hint: it's from a TV series.)

According to this analysis, my LJ writing style is 69% male ATM.

My journal says I'm 69% masculine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta

A couple of the students in my AI course wrote proposals to do projects on related topics:

  • Mood recognition from text (I encouraged them to focus on dialogue acts)

  • Conversational agents

Has anyone reading this seen the Loebner Prize page before?
Stuart Shieber was very critical of it in this 1994 article, as did Marvin Minsky in this 1995 thread, leading to rebuttals from Hugh Loebner, the prize sponsor, in this article and in his reply in the thread. Personally, I think the prize itself is neither good nor bad for AI; popular draw has its place, though following up is another matter. I don't think it does all that much to build the foundations nor further the scientific study of intelligent conversational agents, but that isn't what it's there for, anyway. Oh, wlel.

Edit: vretallin homed in on the above Wade Welles quote from Sliders with frightening efficiency. Well, I will honor my pwomise of CHOKLIT, but as movie-Arwen said: if you want it...


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