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Microsoft Office 2003 Beta 2

I just installed MS Office 2003 beta on one of my computers: Osse, the gnu Athlon XP 2400 (2GHz) desktop in my office. Tomorrow I'll put it on Numerramar, my ThinkPad A31p (1.7Ghz, Pentium IV, now 17 months old).

It loonks very nifty. Man, is it bloatware, though. Three CDs just for Access/Word/Powerpoint/Excel, Publisher, and FrontPage. All told, including InfoPath, SharePoint, and Outlook 2003 with Biznass Contact Manager, it's a whopping 12 discs. I did decide to go ahead and load Osse down.

Seek the Way of Water.
- Musashi Miyamoto


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