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Happy Birthday, Yoj!

My gift to Yoj was this:

Tante Flossie's Theme
to the tune of Still Burning by Matt Slocum
Performed by Sixpence None The Richer
(as sung by Durin's Bane, the Balrog of Moria, to Olorin) (Track 6)

What's this? An Istar?
A wielder of Anar?
A light that my shadow cannot crush

I'd fight fire with fire
If I but had the room
Upon this the pass of judgement
This abyss of Khazad-dum [*]
This narrow bridge of doom

So when you bar my path
I'll take hold of you
I know your fire is a Ring
That's cool news to me

Your staff that is breaking
Gives a light that is making
Both my 'rog wings fairly glow
A tactical sacrifice
This wiz'll pay the price


Why do you set out to block the one bridge
Then tell me I cannot pass
It's hard to believe that we fall
That we'll fall for minutes on end
But I know your doom is at hand


[*] Aficionados of the slow-motion fall of Gandalf the Grey
(you know the drill) may substitute:
"That you'll soon be hanging from"

Menny teuncy-happy returns!


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