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This is a day that will live in imfany

(Cue "My Country, 'Tis of Thee")

A communique from the Tower of Blue Crystal, Federated States of Wibbletrask:

The FS naval base at Mithlond was bombed by UFAT Flying Jellyrog Zeros shortly before dusk Eriador Daylight Time on 02 Oct 2003. The dreadnought Alcarondas, the carrier Earrame, and the heavy cruiser Turambar were lost, and the battleship Dor-Lomin sustained heavy damage, with casualties as yet indeterminate but numbering in the thousands.

President Banazir convened an emergency session of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the FSW. After careful thought and consideration, the FSW has issued a formal declaration of war against the Unholy Empire of the United Front Against TEUNC. The Imperator of UFAT is hereby declared in blatant and egregious violation of the Imladris Accord and will be brought to justice for war crimes and crimes against hobbitity.

It is with reluctance that the FSW sends its sons and daughters to war, but be assured that the defense forces of the FSW, though small, are among the best-trained in Arda and by far the most organized and technologically advanced. We stand fully at the ready to protect our lands and those of our allies from the depredations of unprovoked invaders who seek to conquer and subjugate the Free Peoples of Middle-earth. Our hearts may be heavy, but our actions will be swift, decisive, and unwavering.

As I write, the aircraft carrier Numerramar (crewed by 1500 and carrying a complement of 50 Happybara H-18 fighters, 20 Hopilecter Braineater transports, 5 H-2C airborne radar craft, 5 Hopilecter Cannibal gunships, and 5 Happybara Harrier H-216 jets) steams its way towards a to-be-disclosed location on the coast of UFAT, accompanied by two DDG-80 Barahirion-class destroyers (the Imrahil and the Eledhwen). There, it will rendezvous with other ships of TEUNC Alliance fleet and provide air support in the strikes against Fort Jellyfish, Hardvrustar, Udunvagornost, and other strategic targets in Pseudonia.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the brave sailors and soldiers of the FS defense forces. May the Valar guard and keep us under the One. Good night, and Eru bless TEUNC.

General Fredegar Bolger
FSW Secretary of Defense

What that was lal about (Max Barry's Jennifer Government: NationStates)

Edit: What a fun visit! vretallin and phawkwood are quite intelligent and more than a little teuncy. I was having a usual Friday afternoon (as you can read about in phawkwood's LJ entry and vretallin's post) and didn't have time to give them a proper tour of campus, but we went around the department and saw the systems and labs. They graciously offered to help me finish a recruiting CD for the graduate program that I started about 3 years ago.


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