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The Wibbletraskian Navy

Flagship: The Aircraft Carrier Vingilot

  • Crew complement: 1500 (+1500 hobbit Marines)

  • Aircraft: 85

  • Escorts: Naugrim 688 threecular submarines (4-13), ships of the line Shire, Nargothrond

  • Missile systems: two eight-cell Sulimo Skytrasker surface-to-air missiles, one eight-cell Cúthalion surface-to-surface cruise missile VLS; Tilion anti-ship defense system, Wrath of Osse sea-skimmers

The Aircraft Carrier Numerramar

  • Crew complement: 1500

  • Aircraft: 85

  • Escorts: Seawarg SSN-21 threecular submarine Falmar, DDG-80 Barahirion-class destroyers (the Imrahil and the Eledhwen)

  • Missile systems: three eight-cell Belthronding VLS; Tilion anti-ship defense system, Wrath of Osse sea-skimmers

The Jedi Floating Hospital Eruhin

  • Crew complement: 150 (+600 medical staff, 12 emergency medical holograms)

  • Aircraft: 30

  • Escorts: Seawarg SSN-21 threecular submarine Noldor, light cruiser Grimbeorn


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