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Fun fun

vretallin and phawkwood are going to visit me at K-State tomorrow! This is my first visit from LiveJournal friends (kindasorta), though it isn't the first time I've met people I knew online first. In July of 2001, I had dinner in Seattle, WA with the famous O. Sharp, author of the Tolkien Sarcasm Pages and a minor celebrity on the USENET newsgroups rec.arts.books.tolkien and This spring, I met three TEUNCs, including sui_degeneris (who didn't have an LJ yet).

In other news: The natives seem to be getting restless. I haven't been too keen on turning (although I do enjoy Civilization and Empire derivatives such as the Mac games Strategic Conquest and Pax Imperium, Microsoft's Age of Empires, and the Blizzard family (Warcraft, Starcraft, etc.).


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