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They Have A G4!

This afternoon, on the advice of vretallin and phawkwood, who visited me at K-State last week, I brought the PowerMac G4-350 Yavanna from my lab to my home office. It'll be here for a while: 3-5 months by my guess. Of course, it's still K-State property, and I've made the proper arrangements with our hardware and network admin. This system is one of only two Macs in our department and has languished, unused, in a corner of Nichols 227, for over 2.5 years. No longer, I say! I'm going to install Jaguar (MacOS 10.2) or Panther (MacOS 10.3) on it along with iMovie 2, and finish the grad recruiting CD for our CIS department. I'll post more about this CD later.

My home systems now include:

  • Numerramar, an IBM ThinkPad A31p (Pentium IV, 1.7GHz, 512Mb RAM, 60Gb HDD) running MS Windows XP Pro

  • Vingilot, an IBM ThinkPad 600E (Mobile Pentium II, 366MHz, 288Mb RAM, 6Gb HDD) dual-booting Red Hat Linux 6.1 and MS Windows 2000

  • Yavanna, a grey PowerMac (G4, 350MHz, 256Mb RAM, 10Gb HDD) dual-booting Linux 2000 and MacOS 9

  • Este, a blueberry "Yosemite" iMac (G3, 333MHz, 160Mb RAM, 6Gb HDD) dual-booting LinuxPPC 2000 and MacOS 8.6

  • Tulkas, a Dell Dimension XPS D300 (Pentium II, 300MHz, 256Mb RAM, 40Gb + 8Gb HDDs) running MS Windows XP Pro

  • Sting, a COMPAQ iPAQ H3635 (Intel StrongArm, 200MHz, 32Mb RAM/16Mb Flash ROM, 256Mb CompactFlash) running Windows PocketPC 2002

  • Vaire, a generic Frankenstein-ish PC (Pentium, 120MHz, 128Mb RAM, 40Gb HDD) running Red Hat Linux 7.2

  • Alcarondas, an COMPAQ LTE-5250 notebook (Pentium, 120MHz, 32Mb RAM, 800Mb HDD) limping along on MS Windows 95 (I'm working on putting NetBSD on it)

  • Anduril, a Gateway desktop PC (Pentium, 75MHz, 64Mb RAM, 500Mb HDD) running NetBSD 1.6

Gosh, 9 computers running 10 versions of 5 different operating systems. That's pteery tronkie. :-D

Edit, 13 Oct 2003: ROFL...
(You think that's tronkie, wait until today's entry...)


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