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Updates: Targeted Excellence, mail filtering

This morning I got up at 06:30 (which is a bit early for a computer scientist) to go to a Targeted Excellence proposal writing meeting from 07:00 - 08:30. I'm down to four of them now that "Robotics" and "Engineering Applications of Intelligent Systems" have joined forces (which, IMO, was definitely a good move).

I'm working on a midterm exam for CIS 732. At 14:30 I have a conference call. At 16:30, Neil Jones is giving a talk in the KSU-CIS Distinguished Lecturer series. It's interesting to have so much work done by 11:00, when I usually get up around 09:00 or 09:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays (having worked to between 01:30 and 03:00 the previous night).

In other news: In its first full week of operation (09 Oct 2003 - 15 Oct 2003), my spam filter has caught 226 e-mails with zero false positives. In the same period of time, it caught 316 copies of the Swen remailer virus, also with zero false positives.

I am filtering by FROM, TO, and SUBJECT using hand-pasted .procmailrc recipes.

I estimate that get over 800 viruses, virus remnants, and unsolicited commercial e-mails per week, out of about 1200 e-mails, so 542 is a good start, but I think I can do better. 15% of the Swen viruses and probably a little less than 50% of my other spams are still getting through. Also, this is a heavy week for viruses (Swen at least).

Edit (18:58 CDT): I just spent an hour and a half being subjected to the sheerest, bureaucratic, corporate nonsense this side of the Sundering Seas by my local cell phone store. Anomozzlement (n. - anomalously annozzling animosity causing amuzzlement) to follow. I'm irate (therefro I yam)!


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