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Nine Haiku, a Barbie, and a brace of Banapix

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:banazir
Your haiku:week was quite good i
got my teunc cd replete with
teuncs singing cool words
Created by Grahame

Bwaha! Made yew loonk!
oh yeah you'll survive
in fact you're probably some
government agent

Afternoon on crushed potions are be hazardous to your health... ;-)
afternoon on the
advice of vretallin and
crushed potions thanks

for a computer
scientist gondor vector or
the pandarus meme

"Art Nerdanelism" - classic! :-D
to dinner as this
art nerdanelism redux
ok this survivor

(Makes sense to me)
my car a honda
banazir's shuttermania
woohoo an early

Didn't change a word of this - interesting...
happy birthday yoj
my gift to yoj was this: tante
flossie's theme to

and in dunadan
years is a day that will live
in imfany cue

BITCHY! Primal bitch, even!
parachutes im and
irc i do believe this is
the first bitchy mood

Hah! Made ya loonk!
In the typical "quirky and funny" fashion of CTYers, my delurking psot in cty_therapy turned into a zany discussion on Barbie uncloaked.

Edit (01:15): Following erebrandir's suit, I decided to psot a coupla picutres of myelf in case yew dknot know what I loonk like.

Here are two pohtos I took an hour ago with my gnu digicam.
The first one is a standard photo (I was considering using my lava lamp to generation some gween lalien lighting, but that'll have to waut fro another day. The second is what I call the "Hamlet skull soliloquy shot", aka the lalien abduction pic ("before"). I haven't ever posted pictures of myelf in my LJ afore, so I'm a little timid about it. Still, I would like to know wot yew lal think.

Edit 00:30 Mon 20 Oct 2003: Questions copied from mirabehn's LJ:

Friday Fives for 17 Oct 2003: Five Fives

1. Name five things in your fridge
a) A tupperware tub of leftover shrimp gumbo (one of about 5 - not all gumbo)
b) A packet of hot sauce from Taco Bell (one of about 100 from various fast food places)
c) A gallon of 2% milk
d) A jumbo chicken egg (one of a dozen and a half)
e) A bottle of generic CHOKLIT syrup

2. Name five things in your freezer
a) A frozen pack of orange roughy
b) A bag of okra from my gaffer's garden
c) A can of frozen, concentrated orange juice (one of 6)
d) A large container of strawberry shortcake ice cream
e) A small container of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream

3. Name five things under your kitchen sink
a) A waste bin made out of a couple of paper grocery bags
b) A paper grocery bag (one of about 20)
c) A plastic grocery bag (one of about 5)
d) A bottle of Windex
e) A spray can of generic oven cleaner

4. Name five things around your computer
a) A pair of $2 headphones that I got with my latest $12 walkman
b) A VHS tape of Computer Animation Marvels
c) A bag of Robitussin cough drops
d) A white ceramic mug of Diet Pepsi
e) My HP COMPAQ iPAQ H3635, Sting, in its USB charge cradle

5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet
a) My electric shaver (Braun)
b) A cheap bottle ($0.35 or so) of hydrogen peroxide
c) A small green bottle of hair gel that I use about once or twice a year
d) A spare toothbrush that has toothpaste in the handle (I only use this when traveling acos the toothpaste tastes... blech)
e) A bottle of waterless hand-cleaner (no soap, alcohol-based AFAICT)


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