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Day trip to Topeka

... a half day, actually. We started out at 10:10 and were back before 15:00.

I went to Topeka to get a new Sprint Vision PCS phone (a Samsung VGA 1000; originally it was going to be a Sanyo 8100 but the sales guy convinced me to spring for the better model). $260 phone (direct from Sprint) for $100, fater $30 Best Buy discount ("in-store rebate") and $130 mail-in rebate.

I took along my digicam and snapped a coupla pohtos.

This is a sign that makes me teuncy...
Psot aboat Fry's and be trasked, Gond! >-)

We dknot have one of these in Manhattan, KS... *sbo*
Denise, psot aboat boonkstores and I'll... er... I'll think of sumfink.

I am told that in 6 months, there will be a Best Buy in Manhattan, KS.
Best Buy is Victory, and Victory is Life, as the Jem'Hadar say.
We shall see (see my song selection)...

Then my folks took me to Red Lobster for a birthday dinner (deferred acos I was too busy that weenk).

I had a double-entree meal:

  • Appetizer: Lobster and crab-stuffed mushrooms (of curse) - split with my folks

  • Salad: Caesar

  • Soup: Cup of clam chowder

  • Two buttermilk rolls

  • Main course: Outer Banks Sampler

    • Deviled crab

    • Shrimp sauteed in garlic butter

    • A dozen small scallops

  • Second course: Shrimp scampi

  • Side: Rice pilaf

  • A couple of fries snarfed from my dad's plate

  • A bit of baked tater snarfed from my mom's plate

  • A teensy bit of grilled chicken my mom made me take

(Yes, wlel, I am a hobbit, fater lal...)


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