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Show Off

Show Orf: Today I foolishly went around showing my students the new cell phone I got on Saturday, playing with the ringtones (right now, mine is set to "Für Elise"), and gradually fiddling with it. My glee, already somewhat dampened, was momentarily extingished by the heart-stopping event of my losing it - for about 5 minutes. It had fallen off because the clip-on leather case had come undone; it has two clasps and I hadn't bothered buttoning one of them.

Seeing it coming: Like istari_ala, I had a gradual feeling that something along the lines of what's happened in TEUNC would eventually come to pass. Being the looplessest person in the loop, I knew not the hour, or indeed even the particular person through which the issue would manifest, but some issues (and I do mean the issues) are like boils being lanced. You've just got to do it. Ah, well. Perhaps I have succeeded only in confuzzling LJ-reading TEUNCs further, but perhaps knot. Hrm.[1]

Me and my shadow are wrestling again
Look out stranger there's a dark cloud moving in

- Jewel, "Barcelona"

[1] For the sake of people's privacy, I request as Alatar did that if you have opinions, questions, etc. that you contact me privately. E-mail is fastest, but my HoTMaiL is quirky and sometimes spamblocks legitimate e-mail, so try IM (any of the Trillian protocols: MSN, ICQ, AIM, YIM), especially if you would like a rapid reply.


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