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Retirement party for Maria Zamfir-Bleyberg

Today was a bit of a sad day for me, as it marked the official retirement of Dr. Maria Zamfir-Bleyberg, one of my mentors among the senior faculty at KSU-CIS. Maria was the faculty member on the hiring committee who practically brought me into the department, as she had just announced a plan to go into phased retirement in 1999 when I interviewed. She asked some very good questions (on machine learning and information theory) at my interview talk that convinced me that K-State was a good department with serious researchers.

I'm not depressed, though, for though I will miss Maria now that she has retired from our department [1], we're all glad to hear she will be staying in Manhattan, KS to continue her new career of painting and to participate in some graduate student committees. So, we'll still get to see her around.

Here's a little 640x480 pic of me with Maria at her retirement ceremony, taken by her husband with my new Sprint Vision PCS phone:

Taken using the same phone digicam in outside Nichols Hall, the building shared by the departments of Computing and Information Sciences and Speech Communications, Theatre, and Dance, at 18:30 CDT Wed 22 Oct 2003:

Taken outside Nichols Gymnasium in 1917 (note the lawnmowers):

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, nesupasu?
(You can read more about the history of Nichols here, including the story of how it was a terrarium for a decade and a half. I'll have to tell you later about the haunting.

I decided to pass up Othello tonight.
Too many things to work on.

Edit, 23 Oct 2003: I ended up stopping in to say hi to some folks in chat and e-mailing the above photo of Nichols to everyone with my Vision PCS phone. Well, at least I know it works!

[1] Officially, I think Maria's retirement date was 01 Oct 2003, my 30th birthday. A kind of passing of the torch, I suppose.


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