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Ben Perry's _The Winter Season_

One of my grad students, Ben Perry, is a very talented pianist and composer of original music. Over the last couple of years, he has completed an instrumental compilation titled The Winter Season that I rather like. Have a listen and let him know what you think!

Please welcome immortalvisions and istari_ala (Alatar) to my Friends list, by the way. Ala is the first TEUNC whom I've managed to pull into the LJ Continuum, though you may have noticed teuncy comments from some of the rest. And we lal have mirabehn to thank for it!

P.S.: Here's a correktion (thnaks once again to Yoj) to the link I posted on Tue 18 Mar 2003, to my recitation of Dr. Woodrow Wilson's 1912 anti-trust speech.


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