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The Swamp Thing

Yesterday, I finished grading my midterm exam for Principles of Artificial Intelligence (min score 53%, max 92.5%, mean 71.7%, stdev 11.8%).
Besides working on all four of the Targeted Excellence proposals (especially the information security one, for which I am lead PI [1]), today I had to prepare the Bayesian Network tools in Java (BNJ) manual (see bayesnets). Actually, I'm still finishing that up. I also have notes from a research conference call on the Thursday before last to type up. Oh, and there's also the journal paper I promised I'd have done in 6 weeks, about... um, 6 weeks ago.

I will be presenting a poster at the Atanasoff Symposium next week. Come to think of it, I still need to finish one little corner of that poster. I'll drive out there on the morning of Thu 30 Oct 2003 (leaving Manhattan, KS at 08:30 CST or so) and return the afternoon of Sun 02 Nov 2003. Trask, I need to record a couple of lectures for my classes on Fri 31 Oct 2003.

So, back to work. Swamped. [2]

You will die young, and before you do, you will have ulcers... and all will despair.
- Bernard El-Hagin

[1] There was some talk of combining info security with intelligent systems, but the IS one is all about applications to human security instead of network intrusion detection, fraud monitoring, anti-virus security, and anti-DOS security. Besides, there are already a dozen people on IS since we merged the original AI/machine learning one with robotics.
[2] I'm especially swamped acos I broke my routine of going to caht at most once a weenk and stopped by today. Everyone was his or her usual teuncy elf.


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