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More Pictures


Yarrd! Here be photos from the bax and front of me house...

Doot, doot, doot, loonkin' oat my bax do': Bax yard - taken 15:30 CDT Sat 25 Oct 2003:

Banilla Sky: Front yard - taken 16:30 CDT Sat 25 Oct 2003

That Autumn Glory maple is 5 years old; I planted it in the fall of 1999 as a sapling. It is called Telperion.

NationStates issue: Order of Violet dilemma

Haxie liked this one, but I didn't rilly care to find oat wot happens with the televised scarifices nor with Bumtrask.

You can find lots of dilemmas and (one LJ-using player's) amsers at doninha.

Members of a new weird religious cult, called the Order of Violet, ask for the government to appease their mighty god by offering Her a sacrifice of the human variety.

The Debate

"What have we got to lose?" says religious freedoms advocate Stephanie Summers. "Just cut up a few homeless folk- it appeases this group's bloodthirsty Goddess, gets rid of unsightly bums that drain welfare, and everybody goes home happy."

"We must go much further than a few beggars!" argues the overzealous High Member of the Order of Violet, Beth McAlpin. "You must pass a law that everyone’s first born child must be slaughtered, on live TV if possible. Think of the viewing figures!"

"You aren't going to listen to these whackjob Violetists, are you?" comments Jazz Washington while leading a prayer group. "Human sacrifices! Surely we're too civilized to permit such barbaric practices! These lunatic fringe groups should be outlawed, their leaders should be executed!"

"Who's being a lunatic?" retorts Max Hendrikson of the The Smurrowdelf Humanitarian Society. "I agree that these practices ought to be outlawed, but instead of sinking to the same level of these fanatics and killing our fellow people, why not simply start a re-education program? Even the worst person can be rehabilitated into a useful member of society, with enough time, care, and lots and lots of funding!"


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