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Walt Disney Concert Hall

I went in to Nichols Hall around 20:00 CST Mon 27 Oct 2003 to print my poster for the Atanasoff Symposium and ran into Dr. Maria-Zamfir Bleyberg, who officially retired from CIS last week and was taking her dog for a walk on campus. She mentioned that Great Performances on PBS was going to be airing an inaugural gala concert from Walt Disney Concert Hall in her other home city of Los Angeles, CA. According to the WDMH site, the gala was held 23-25 Oct 2003.

I will definitely tape this, but are nay L.A. locals reading this? Did anyone go?

Speaking of L.A., Maria mentioned that her husband's plane landed at LAX on Saturday during the beginning of the California Brunning. Even at 32000 feet, the cabin was filled with smoke! "Please do not be alarmed", said the flight attendant (YR!) "the smoke is from the wildfires in Southern California, not a fire in the plane." Ah, wotta a relief. :-/

Spam report: In its second full week of operation (16 Oct 2003 - 23 Oct 2003), my procmail-based spam and virus filter caught 356 unsolicited commercial e-mails (with zero false positives) and 283 copies of the Swen remailer virus (along with 28 false positives... that all turned out to be spam). Aye dknot liek gween eggs and spam (gween eggs and ham, mazbe).


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