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Adventures in bebesitting...

My folks just hosted a dinner party for three of our friends' families, and I, being the only one not interested in talking more about the war with Iraq, was delegated to watch over the kids after dessert (a lot of CHOKLIT).

Well, the older kids (8-12) were very mature, setting up camp on my Dell and later on my iMac and ThinkPad, and playing various web games. Aside from some help shutting down trasky Internet Exploder, they hardly needed any supervision. Their younger sibs (2, 5, and 5)... let's just say that I have now learned that a 2-year-old can disassemble a stapler faster than a Mujaheddin boy can disassemble a rifle! My office was in ruins and my notebook computer had been run, stomped, and crawled over half a dozen times by the end of the evening. What fun! And we called a TEUNC's house and had one of the lille teuncer sproglets talk to her.

Just memind me knot to have six children. #-)

(MS Outlook is now called "hbbbbbb" on my desktop)

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