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There's No Place Like Home: A Tronkie Travellogue, 4 of 4

Home, sweet home.
Today was the fourth day of my 4-day trip to Iowa State for the Atanasoff Symposium.

0845-0915: Happy trails to you... I had packed my computer stuff the night before, so it was a quick visit to the maple syrup bottle and we were off.

One of my colleagues, Weiqun Wang, came to K-State from Iowa State last fall. My grandmother tells me that this back scratcher/pounder was one of his son Su-Man's preferred toys when he came to visit and play (he was two and a half when they came over to Kansas):

My dad will be staying in Iowa with my grandma until some time after Thanksgiving (probably the first week of December), when I'll come up to give a talk and pick him up.

0915-1530: May you drive in uninteresting times. The drive back was quite uneventful, though my mom and I talked about many things (mostly related to my job). We took a wrong turn onto KS-177 and wound up on a two-lane highway, wherein I discovered that the little spinning compass screen that comes up when my Sprint Vision PCS Phone is "looking for service" does not actually point anywhere.

1530-2030: Digging out - I spent about 5 hours putting out little fires that sprang up. CS research should be called smokejumping, is wot. vretallin can tell you.

2030-2230: As you can see from my posts, they're a little backdated - the 30 Oct 2003 entry is the one I was working on the first evening I got home.

Mmm, hobbit rolls. Thanks to Mr. Huang's wife, Yi-Hua Wang, for making these. My grandmother insisted on giving my mom and me a few for breakfast and a dozen to bring home. I still have 9. Nine for mortal hobbits. Yum.

Edit, Sun 09 Nov 2003: Finally, I'm finished! Well, I hope you enjoyed the story of my first trip to Iowa State this fall (which is also my first in almost 5 years). It was suprisingly relaxing.


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