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There (and Back Again)

Here, for your browsing convenience, is the whole log of my trip to Ames for this past weekend's International Symposium on Modern Computing (JVA-2003), in honor of John Vincent Atanasoff's 100th birthday.

Day 1, Thu 30 Oct 2003: Over The River and Through The Woods... (Manhattan, KS - Ames, IA)
Day 2, Fri 31 Oct 2003: IA, Shub-Niggurath (Ames, IA)
Day 3, Sat 01 Nov 2003: Cold Enough, Inuit? (Ames, IA)
Day 4, Sun 02 Nov 2003: There's No Place Like Home (Ames, IA - Manhattan, KS)

In other news: Anyone read this article from Wired News about There?

The time has finally come for There, Inc. After six years in stealth mode and nine months in beta, the company's vast virtual online 3-D world, There, will launch Monday.

One of There's main objectives is, in fact, to attract women. The theory goes that women will attract men into the world, while the reverse is not true.

For now, more men are playing than women. The company says the beta results showed that 65 percent of members were men. According to There's marketing chief Andy Donkin, the number of women, who are often represented by beautiful 3-D avatars in fashionable clothing, is rising dramatically.

It sounds like another "if you build it, they will come" world, but MMORPGs such as EverQuest, Ultima Online, and now Star Wars: Galaxies seem to attract on the sheer tronkieness of equipment and world persistence (things happening in the background). In any case, I'd like to hear an opinion from someone who's actually been there, or at least looked at the system more closely than I have.


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