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I Thank The God Who Puts Adventures In My Way

The title is from the miniseries of Don Quixote starring John Lithgow, but I haven't been able to find the quote in the original Cervantes nor in the English translation in Project Gutenberg.

Dr. Clark Glymour will be visiting on Monday, 10 Nov 2003 to give a KSU-CIS Distinguished Lecturer Series seminar. On my way to his son Bruce's office in Dickens Hall, I passed through Bluemont Hall on my way to and stopped by the B.E.S.I.T.O.S. Lab (Bilingual Education Students Interacting to Obtain Success), an affiliate of the KSU English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Some of the grad students at this lab had helped me a couple of weeks ago when I needed a file on an old 800K Mac floppy disk.

The fellow who helped me burn all my files to a CD wasn't there, but I got curious and took the scenic route out... Here's a funny little poster I came across in one of the primary school education labs of Bluemont amid trays of artwork made by little sproglets. This one's especially for vretallin:

Here are couple of other pictures I took on the way to Dickens.
Outside Bluemont stands the Bluemont Bell, which you can see from the other side on the campus tour page:

The building behind the bell is the Hale Library, which you will, no doubt, hear me ranting about anon:


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