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Another Dwarf, another Elf

Please welcome gondhir, Dwarf-lord of TEUNC (and one of only a few dwarves that we have), and scionofgrace, the Elvish ring-beareraka Dimond, to my LJ friends list. This brings the number of LiveJournal-wielding TEUNCs to a magnificent 7 (and the number of guys to 2 - enfin!). [1]

Edit: Thanks to scionofgrace, our current gnubie-in-residence, for the correction.

Auugh! Apparently, I am not as big an 80s music fan as I thought. 24.5%.

[1] A few other TEUNCs (Barahirion, Count Menelvagor, and Joy) also have blogs.
On a related note: Borg Fremen princesses and other teuncy epople are being encouraged to hop the Trillian bandwaggon. Come, join us! It's fnu! My AIM, YIM, and MSN contacts are all hsuwh, and my ICQ number is 28651394. [2]

[2] If you are very unlucky, you might run into Rîzanab, the Black Numenorean Sith Lord, a hobbit-hunting Nazgûl and my archnemesis.


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