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Return to Iowa

I will be back at Iowa State on the 3rd-5th of December, 2003, to pick up my dad and to give a colloquium in the CS department.

As Haxie and mrowe did, I ran my blog through the Gender Genie and it correctly identified me as male.
Female Score: 5740
Male Score: 11439

I seem to have acquired a miniature pet Tarrasque. It's really a Dementrodon, but it is definitely quite indestructible. I hope it doesn't eat all my chinchillas.

We hobbits prefer the term burglar, and that's a fact.
Quiz Me
Banazir was
a Valued Pick-Pocket
in a past life.

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(Snarfed from mrowe.)

Solution to last week's quiz: The war I was referring to was the Aroostook War of 1839, between Maine and Canada (not just New Brunswick, as this article seems to indicate, but involving the militias of both the new state of Maine and the province of New Brunswick). The war was mentioned in a recent article on the Wired road trip.


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