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Cocoa Replete Bovine Extract

Have you noticed that spammers have started using thesaurii to disguise titles?
This produces lots of malapropisms.
Let's say they want to sell you, oh, say CHOKLIT milk. The titles now look like:

cocoa replete bovine extract fjmdj

Vert, vert eViol IMO.

Edit, 15:20 CST: apropos of the song title, a Shreakspree quiz from mirabehn...

You believe in doing the right thing, but aren't
always sure what that is.

What is Your Shakespearian Tragic Flaw?
brought to you by Quizilla

(You've gont to love the juxtaposition of Brutus in mid-stab and "you're too nice"!)

Woe unto my... er, ambitious friends!
*loonks at the CVs of LJ friends and TEUNCs*

Edit, 23 Nov 2003: Thursday, 20 Nov 2003 was the foficious 5th anniversary of the founding of the e-group fro TEUNC. Happy borkingday to the sparkly of sparklies!


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