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Monsoon Weeding

OK, I have a theory about how Silpan Patel (one of my undergrad programmers) and I became the designated apologists for arranged marriage at my research group meeting today, but it's somewhat roundabout. :-D

Obviously, the assumption is that being from cultures that have practiced arranged marriage once, now, or intermittently, we have some idea what the supposed justifications are. As it happens, we have heard from proponents thereof in our families, even though our parents and grandparents are quite Westernized and (thankfully, IMHO) not in the habit of giving out our biographical details and struff.

Now, what was interesting was that the guys (this was a discussion attended only by males, gentle weeder, if you have not heretofore surmised) seemed to think it was a pretty sweet deal for men in Asian countries. I averred that this was a tradeoff:

  • Pre-researched or pre-vetted compatibility, we agreed, could be a positive factor and tension reducer in initiating and sustaining relationships. Edwin and I noted, however, that the survivability of Asian marriages was due to a greater social pressure towards reverence of the institution - a pressure that is rapidly fading, I added, even in urban China (for, er, better or for worse).

  • Gender inequity was common (recently and perhaps presently) in cultures that retain some percentage of arranged marriage.

On the last point, Silpan reminded us that this was thought of more in terms of "structured roles". Besides, he and I both added, it was rarely a forced deal nowadays - more a "parentally researched" scenario. At this point we started recounting stories about our respective Indian classmates who went home for innocent family visits and came back hitched, to our amuzzlement.

In other news: Cindy Forgie, an instructor in the KSU-CIS department, gave her final Master of Software Engineering presentation (on her Urban Search-and-Rescue robotics project) this morning from 10:00-11:00 CST. All went well, and she is now finished with her MSE program. Later in the afternoon, I sat on another committee for the M.S. thesis defense of Ales Fexa, a student from Charles University in the Czech Republic. Ales did a tremendous amount of work in about 7 months, implementing and experimenting with more computer vision algorithms than I think I did in 3 of my vision, graphics, and geometry courses.

Edit, 23 Nov 2003: I've shuffled a couple of my interests, for the times, they are a-changin', and we must change with them:
Retired: buffy the vampire slayer, nickel creek (I still like their music, I just stopped putting individual bands and artists in my interest list for now; there are too many)
Added: kansas, semantic web
Feeling ambivalent about: angel (still watching it, but with reservations), children of dune

I've also changed a couple of my subscriptions:
Unsubscribed (but still checking periodically): distributedcomp (very inactive), laughlorien (ditto)
Subscribed: kansas01, christianbands
Feeling ambivalent about: hobbits (downright deead), angband_game (not reading), janeaustenfans (too many spoilers, lol)

Pea-Nut Cases, courtesy of celandineb, the un-Okie:

I dknot know how I managed to become Linuxs even fater I put that I dknot believe in the Gret Pumpkin, but there you have it:

Which Peanuts Character Are You?

Changing the popularity answer to "wotever" got me the outcome I expected. Plinky-plinky!

Which Peanuts Character Are You?

(wishing I had an MP3 from Subbu's collection of Bollywood classics to put in "Current Music" - oh, wlel)

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