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The Chomsky of Causality

I was looking for some psot about the Fox in Saint-Exupery's Le Petit Prince in andrewwyld's LJ, and came across this classic quotation from a bloke who is lamost too cool for words:

I want to assist someone to have children and then tell them funny stories about Mr. Chomsky and the Little Word that Canned. I am looking forward to watching any children someone is mad enough to permit me to sire acquire language. It should be fun.
- andrewwyld, 2003-07-30

This thread from the summer was notable for the fact that Andrew's above remark could have been from me, only with "language" replaced by "a theory of correlation and causality" and "Chomsky" replaced by... well, the anti-Pearl, whoever that is (Simpson? Probably not...). [1]

What brought this thought on: Clark Glymour visited on Mon 10 Nov 2003 and mentioned several books and research programs on how young children learn about causality. For example, David Sobel, one of Glymour's collaborators at Brown, is studying how preschool children use causal properties of objects and counterfactual reasoning to make decisions about categories. (Sooo qyoot!)

While you're looking at Mr. Wyld's thread, have a glance at the lille sproglet he sketched and memember to go "aw, sew qyoot".

Not suitable for young children - irony by way of phawkwood:

My life is rated PG.
What is your life rated?

[1] I'd say Chomsky is getting to be something of an anti-Pearl, of linguistics. Not being a linguist, I can go out on a limb and say that. Or is it that all the linguists have already taken it as a given?


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