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Children of TEUNC

(I thought that might get your attention. #-))

I just started wotching the Children of Dune miniseries that I taped from SciFi last week, and right off the bat I find myself objecting to several minutiae that aren't so minute in the grand scheme of things.

First: the openness of the seitches. Wasn't this also a problem in the earlier SciFi miniseries (screenwritten and directed by John Harrison as well)? Seitches are liek smials, traskit! "No more than a thimble a day..."

Another nitpick: I was sure, when I'd heard that Susan Sarandon had been cast, that she would appear as the Lady Jessica. Instead they cast Alice Krige in the role (hrm, more Fremen Borg Queens; er, this is veery unsettling...) But casting Sarandon as Wensicia, Irulan's little sister? Wha--? Hunh?

Overall, the miniseries, which (as I expected and probably could have read all over the net) combines Dune Messiah and Children of Dune, is visually lush and, at a glance, appears truer to the book than the Dune miniseries (which I have seen many vidcaps from but haven't yet viewed in its entirety). It seems to be a decent balance between the style of Lynch's film and the first miniseries. I'll give a more complete review when I have finished it, of curse.

And another thing: The guild navigator looked awful in the Lynch version, and IIRC his tank looked like a cross between a Ferengi shuttlepod and a Russian doll. The navigator in CoD was a bit smaller than the book's description but more accurate. Yes, I aim to make depictions of Spacing Guild navigators the new balrog wings. #-)

Apropos of the title of this entry: Wouldn't it be cllo to read TEUNC: House Aravindhan? (Happy birthday, Marvin of India! Will you write it for us?) Of curse, we'd have to endure Rog Emperor of TEUNC first, but ataleast I'd get to Force-tip his flaming barge, or pagoda, or whatever, into the river Brandywine. :-)

(got to run... too many deeadlines)

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