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Children of TEUNC

(I thought that might get your attention. #-))

I just started wotching the Children of Dune miniseries that I taped from SciFi last week, and right off the bat I find myself objecting to several minutiae that aren't so minute in the grand scheme of things.

First: the openness of the seitches. Wasn't this also a problem in the earlier SciFi miniseries (screenwritten and directed by John Harrison as well)? Seitches are liek smials, traskit! "No more than a thimble a day..."

Another nitpick: I was sure, when I'd heard that Susan Sarandon had been cast, that she would appear as the Lady Jessica. Instead they cast Alice Krige in the role (hrm, more Fremen Borg Queens; er, this is veery unsettling...) But casting Sarandon as Wensicia, Irulan's little sister? Wha--? Hunh?

Overall, the miniseries, which (as I expected and probably could have read all over the net) combines Dune Messiah and Children of Dune, is visually lush and, at a glance, appears truer to the book than the Dune miniseries (which I have seen many vidcaps from but haven't yet viewed in its entirety). It seems to be a decent balance between the style of Lynch's film and the first miniseries. I'll give a more complete review when I have finished it, of curse.

And another thing: The guild navigator looked awful in the Lynch version, and IIRC his tank looked like a cross between a Ferengi shuttlepod and a Russian doll. The navigator in CoD was a bit smaller than the book's description but more accurate. Yes, I aim to make depictions of Spacing Guild navigators the new balrog wings. #-)

Apropos of the title of this entry: Wouldn't it be cllo to read TEUNC: House Aravindhan? (Happy birthday, Marvin of India! Will you write it for us?) Of curse, we'd have to endure Rog Emperor of TEUNC first, but ataleast I'd get to Force-tip his flaming barge, or pagoda, or whatever, into the river Brandywine. :-)

(got to run... too many deeadlines)


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Mar. 26th, 2003 05:42 am (UTC)
I think the moisture suits should look a bit like Burkhas with techno-stuff, but perhaps they decided Burkhas were a bit too, um, topical.

I want to see a new sci-fi thing where everything looks worn-out and seventies!  Waaah!
Mar. 26th, 2003 01:57 pm (UTC)
... but how would the pressurized pumping action (to extract moisture from, er, solid waste) work in a burkha?

Worn-out and seventies: liek us, mazbe. Welp, I'm only worn-out acos I'm trasking a lethal deeadline and other forces of which I will bring no meeport, and I hardly memember the 70's (the middle parts) nazmore. But I take it you meant Disney's (old) Tomorrowland-style?

Mar. 26th, 2003 02:05 pm (UTC)
Never been to tomorrowland ... obviously there'd be machinery under the Burkhas, but they'd cover the face about the same, and probably you wouldn't want exposed machinery in the sands.

I'm thinking worn-out and seventies like most of the worn-out seventies trains I get to go to work on.
Apr. 2nd, 2003 05:45 pm (UTC)
Never been to tomorrowland ... obviously there'd be machinery under the Burkhas, but they'd cover the face about the same, and probably you wouldn't want exposed machinery in the sands.

Machinery? Wreally?
Acos I walays thought of stillsuits as pretty low-tech jobs with neither an external nor self-contained power source:

Stillsuit - body-enclosed garment invented on Arrakis. Its fabric is a micro-sandwich performing functions of heat dissipation and filter for bodily wastes. Reclaiming moisture is made available by tube from catchpockets.

There was a remark by Liet Kynes about how walking and other movement powered the filtration pumps, but I dknot have a copy of the boonk handy.

Of course, the hunter-seekers and training drones that Alia used were pretty clearly autonomous and probably ran on very sophisticated closed power cell (atomic rather than organic cf. glowglobes).

Not necessarily the form-fitting silicone-packs from the Lynch movie, but not exacterly Borg suits (with a few notable exceptions fro our Borg Fremen fwends) nor zip-up tents.

I'm thinking worn-out and seventies like most of the worn-out seventies trains I get to go to work on.


I just noticed that I didn't tape the second half (CoD). So my tape has two copies of the _Dune Messiah_ ep on it.
It's a goond miniseries, though parts of it seem to be attempt to induce vertigo by seeing how mnaz shots of Leto sazing "we go froward, we go bax... along the Glodden Path" and Stilgar fofering to take somebuddy's water they can fit into three huors.

Apr. 3rd, 2003 02:05 am (UTC)
Hmm ... you couldn't really make a stillsuit that didn't have some kind of machinery, unless you were using solid-state thermoelectric devices or something (basically, there's some substance which I think has Thalium in but I can't remember, and if you apply a current it pulls heat across from one side to the other).

Basically, you have to condense all the moisture, which means that all the latent heat of vaporization has to go somewhere.  Generally, a good place to put that would be your surroundings, or you'd broil, so you'd probably have cooling fins or some such.  You have to get the heat into the cooling fins, which means either a heat pump or a naturally occurring temperature gradient -- and, as I recall, the planet was on the warm side, so that means a heat pump.

A heat pump means machinery, or TECs.  It also means a power source.  You might also be able to get a fair bit of power out of the motion of the suit, rather like a self-winding watch ... but either way, a stillsuit would have to use machinery at some point.
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