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The Sounds of Drunken Halflings

Courtesy of uluviel and shellies:
Vert slighty drunkn hobbitses (.mp3, 1:40, 1.52 Mb)
( source )

The song is "Half Fling" from Viggo Mortenson's new album pandemoniumfromamerica. [ MTV article ]

"words": dom, elijah
guitars : buckethead
bass: henry
drums: billy
vocals: dom, elijah
harmonica, vocals: viggo

I'm up to 33 consecutive listens as I write. It's the Enteuncatron [1], is wot!

Why? Acos it's there. ;-)
For context: my previous record is 23 with the Ying Tong Iddle I Po Song from the Goons [ mp3 ].

Has anyone made out any of the lyrics or is it really just random wibbling (as it sounds to me)?
"Drunken Teletubbies and Elmo" indeed!

Edit, 23:55 CST: I stopped at 50 plays, as I told Josh I would. This was out of protest for Viggo's dedicating the album to Chomsky.
(I'm protesting his linguistics, knot his plotix. ;-))

Techoklitlan but not Techoklitlan: I was merrily on my way to the Aztec holy city of slacking off when I realize that I have to prepare for the visit from the AIdentity Matrix Medical folks (this Saturday through next Thursday) and my trip to Ames, Iowa starting next Wednesday. Thus, I went in and recorded three online lectures for today and next week (two for CIS 732, with one for CIS 730 between them) on Tegrity. So, on a day when no students have classes, I lectured fro three huors. Go fogure.

[1] I think the operative phrase there is electrodes inserted in their spine[s]. For Science, Jane?


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