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And Miles To Go Before I Meep: An Un-Tronkie Travellogue, 1 of 3

There are two kinds of grandmothers, I now realize:
Those that don't give you too much food when you visit, and those who are alive. :-D

(You don't often see my mood as "full", do you?)

I was just called downstairs by my grandmother for a late-night hobbit snack. She has every variety of snack imaginable:

  • eddos (yu4 tou2, a kind of tuber like a sweet potato, eaten like a dessert)

  • barley candy that tastes like Corn Pops

  • academia nuts

  • grapes

  • 3-4 kinds of tree fruit

For is it not written: by their second supper shall you know them? ;-)

Edit, 23:00 CST: For those of you who can't live withoat that sweet tronkie goondness, gondhir and I are down with lal of that. We gots ya covered.


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