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Footloose and Error-Free: An Un-Tronkie Travellogue, 3 of 3

Well, we actually managed to drive back from Iowa without making a single error this time! I chalk it up to getting past Kansas City before stopping for lunch.

I arrived back in Nichols shortly past 15:00 CST and was phoning everyone on the way in from Topeka.

I got in just in time to hear Siddharth's practice defense, after which I stayed to run the first of three AIdentity Matrix project meetings that we will need to have in order to get robbyjo's stuff handed off.

An interesting discussion Jan Antolik, Scott Harmon, and Edwin Rodríguez started today started from Jan's attempt to explain the Ph.D. programs in middle European university systems. He averred that 1-2 years from completion of the 5-year diploma thesis to completion of the Ph.D. requirements (including the defense and depositing of the dissertation) was not unheard of. What I would like to know is: is there really such a thing as a "European higher education system". Wot wot?

I don't speak Mexican very well, just Venezuelan.
- Edwin Rodríguez


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