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The Nutty Professor

OK, whereas deire lost 3 pounds from school work-related stress, I gained 6 pounds (from 162 to 168) in four days from grandmother-related face-struffing. Hrm. Time to cut bax a little on the crisps and ice cream.

My grandma is here in Kansas for at least 8 weeks! Yay! My mom is going back to Taiwan on 30 Dec 2003 and will be back shortly after Chinese New Year (which is in late January of 2004). That gives me more time - and pressure - to get used to having a lont of fwoot fater dinner. Bananas, grapes, persimmons, almond gelatin (xing4 ren2 dou4 fu3), etc. Wot was it that Morgan Freeman said about time and pressure in The Shawshank Redemption? :-D

In other news: Yoj was looking for a web site domain name, based upon a noun or adjective, that is descriptive and interesting, but not directly derived from her names. I suggested yowie (the small pet ewe, knot the Australian megapod or the marijuana species), but unfortunately, the .com, .org, and .net versions of this URL are already owned. I dknot liek cybersquatters, is wot.

Granny food is eViolly good. It is designed to pop ppl.
- Yoj


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