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Friendly Welcomes

A most hearty welcome to my new LJ friends narvi (the other TEUNC dwarf) and wondergurl_77 (who knows a lont of things twixt heav'n and Earth undreamed of in your philosophy, make no mistake).

From 0910 to 1010 this morning, Vinod K. Chandana defended his M.S. thesis. Vinod is my 11th Master's student at K-State, my 7th M.S. student (i.e., four of the Master's students earned Master of Software Engineering degrees), and the 5th to write a thesis.

Snarfed from vretallin:

What is the difference between Arwen and Smeagol, you ask?



If I were a character in The Return of the King, I would be Elrond, an Elf and ruler of Rivendell and father of Arwen.

In the movie, I am played by Hugo Weaving.

Who would you be?
The Return of the King Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

8 days till the U.S. premiere!

OK, fair enough...
Apparently, though, the difference between:

  • Elrond and Arwen is that one is eager for battle and one is not (clearly movie-Arwen, that)

  • Arwen and Aragorn is that one has a beard and one does not

  • Arwen and Smeagol is... not much

My first cursory taking of this quiz resulted in a result of Eowyn. Hrm. Hooookaaaaz...

Here's quiz I created, from a site seen in mirabehn's LiveJournal:
How well do you know banazir? The Friend Quiz


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