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How The West Was Won

Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned basement hackers? Not the user of the sleek, modern, fast-and-furious Java or C# IDE (YRAINW!)... not the MATLAB rapid-prototyping whiz... not even the server-side-savvy, DCOM/CORBA/DCE-juggling, Ruby/Python/Perl/PHP/ASP/.NET master. I mean the vi or GNU Emacs power user, the guy (or gal) who was equally facile with C and 80x86 assembler, the one who wrote his or her own device drivers and built a pen plotter with a jerry-rigged solenoid? Not with the Hotline server or the Grokster client did they conquer, but with the WWIV and FidoNet BBS, not with "1337 h a > < o r" tools but with DEBUG and Phrack magazine.

My age is showink, innit? #-)

In nonlocal news, here is a sad and disturbing story from angiej, an American schoolteacher:

Where have all the Muslims gone? [updates here (25 Mar 2003) and here (26 Mar 2003)]

This link is courtesy of andrewwyld and mirabehn by way of ixwin. Pray that the internment mentality, such as it is, diminishes soon and that we can find ways to dissipate it for good.


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