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Once more unto the swamp...

If my hours have looked a bint irregular and my mood icons are pegged at the "stressed oot" level, it's acos I'm working on various papers and proposals and other stuff. Too many deeadlines!

I promise to write more interesting and less CS nerdy struff once my brians decompwess (in a week... or a month... er, better make that a yeat #-)).

Until then: I think I have discovered an autonomic coding reflex (ACR). Today I found that robbyjo can program and carry on a conversation without looking at the screen. This could come in handy! :-D

I can see the paper in Neuroscience now...
"Test subject was spinalized and continued to code for 15 hours..."

(disclaimer: i dknot acksherly practice, nor advocate, vivisection of grad students in general)


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Mar. 28th, 2003 01:10 am (UTC)
Nuther ACR case
What about experimenting on undergrads? Shirley nobuddy would notice :-)

Nayways, I too cna talk, code and knot loonk. I used to do it lal the time when my desk was just in a corner of the kitchen and I was teaching myslef BASIC. And of curse, in A-level Computing class I did it while loonking at the teacher waffling on. It irritated him at first, till he realised I was really listening. It's only using Micros**t Windaft that's forced me into a habit of looking at the screen regularily, acos it makes things jump up in front of what you're doing. Too many times have I written half a page of code then loonked up to see some other prog has jumped in front and only half a line got through. Bah! Trask!
Mar. 28th, 2003 08:18 pm (UTC)
Re: Nuther ACR case
What about experimenting on undergrads? Shirley nobuddy would notice :-)

You hear taht, KDD undergrads?! *nirglive* >-)

Nayways, I too cna talk, code and knot loonk.

Cllo. Acksherly, I can talk, psot, and knot loonk (did it several times todaz). Mais, it's a lille harder to code autonomically, especially acos Java and C# compilers aren't xxet exacterly tyope-tolerant. #-)

Mais... it's sew unnatural! :-)

[more tales out of Ala's programming class]

Fnuny, my specimens^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hundergrads and I were just swapping computer stories of the "cup-holder" (CD/DVD-ROM receptacle) and "copy of a double-sided floppy" (yerp, double-sided xerox) variety. My favorite was the bloke who approached my desk in 1990 when I was a volunteer undergrad lab proctor and asked whether he needed to go to the health center acos of the "virus warning" he had failed to notice.

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