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Extra Credit Question

Inspired by an idea bandied about in wondergurl_77's LJ by yahvah, I put the following question on my CIS 732 (Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition) final exam yestrerday:

Describe how you would go about building a hierarchy of concepts or lower (domain-specific) ontology for a weblog (online journal) or topical web site. You may suppose that you have access to other electronic encyclopedias and dictionaries, as well as a live feed of the site (e.g., via remote syndication service). Sketch your design as concisely as possible.

Knot exacterly the queastion yahvah was posing, but interestingly, people spent more time on this little extra credit question than on problems worth five times as many points.

So, yeah, it's lal yahvah's fault. 8-) :-D ;-)

I'm finished grading!
(Everything for CIS732, everything but term projects for CIS730.)

Edit, 01:40 CST Fri 19 Dec 2003: As celandineb, another professor, wrote recently...
(best Smeagol voice) I'm fweeee!

From celandineb... thing is, those Coke bottle glasses look unnervingly like my nold ones.
Come to think of it, they loonk a lille like my current ones! 8-D

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P.S. : A hearty welcome to our brother teunc, barahirion of the Bleu Tower!

It's lik a plague! -gondhir


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