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Eclipse and board games

Does anyone reading this use the free IDE Eclipse?
I am a relative notiviate in it. I was motivated by robbyjo to start using it this past February, but I haven't done a whole lot with it. Before I can become a HC user, think I need a bit more of a walkthrough than I've found in its docs or online.

A cautionary tale: Edwin ordered Gamma et al.'s Design Patterns boonk and paid $15 to have it shipped on Thu 18 Dec 2003 to arrive Fri 19 Dec 2003. After he hit the order button, the system indicated that the book would ship on Mon 22 Dec 2003, the day he goes out of the country on vacation with his family. Bha. Caveat emptor, is wot.

I spent a goodly 2 hours doing one more proofread of Vinod Chandana's M.S. thesis, and he and Siddharth Chandak have both deposited. Whee, that makes four M.S. theses and one Ph.D. dissertation in my group this year!

One more welcome: Hello to twinbee, who has some interesting stories to share, here and there. I was comparing notes with him on software engineering textbooks and passed along the recommendation of Design Patterns (which I myself have read only cursorily).

Quick straw poll - what board games, among:

do you all play? I am decent at Chinese chess, average at Othello, and so easy to whup in chess that it's not even funny. I have never successfully learned to play Go, though I would really like to, and I have forgotten how to play checkers. Hrm.

Edit, 10:15 CST Sat 20 Dec 2003: jereeza, gondhir, and twinbee (who inspired this poll in the first place) reminded me of a few other board games.


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