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Infinite Tsunami of Idiosyncrasy

I thought of a couple of amuzzling things to tell you all about myself, but in typical LJ fashion, I'm making it into a meme, or quiz, or what you will.

Instead of a long quiz, though, this one is simple.

Think of at least one quirky behavioral trait you have and to which you think one of your LJ friends will reply, "me, too!" Describe it briefly.

Here are three of mine:

1. As some TEUNCs know, I am a "bag reader". My appetite for everything from kosher dill pickles to potato chips to dried tofu and imported beef jerky is greatly enhanced if I can stare at the Nutrition Facts, the Engrish, or the overhyped copy that appears on the back of the bag or can while I am eating. When you hear me say, "Oh! You didn't throw the can away, did you? Was that the last one?"... well, that's why.

2. In life, and especially when it comes to food, I am a "sampler". When I am at a buffet, hors d'oeuvres platter, or salad bar, I will always attempt to take "one of each". I arrange everything very neatly (but not compulsively neatly), compensating for the variety by limiting myself to very small portions. In any RPG I play, I spread my characters across as many classes as I can. When I read magazines, I take a broad cross-section. I find this to be a big plus when it comes to garnering a lot of cultural experience, but it's probably annozzling to some of the people I travel with - or who are standing behind me at a smorgasbord line.

3. I'm a bit germ-conscious, but not obssessively so. My mom is a medical technologist (specializing in hematology) and instilled a love of sanitation in me early. As a result, I don't like to flush public toilets and urinals with my bare hands. I'll use paper towels or even my own napkins or tissues to grasp flush handles and door levers. When hand dryers are all automated, I've been known to high-kick urinal handles when I don't think anyone's watching. (This is rare now, since automated dryers usually mean infrared sensors on the urinals and toilets, too.)


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