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Abandon reason

Tell me... "friend": when did Saruman the Wise abandon reason... for qyootness?

Two of my grandmother's friends from church sent my uncle this Christmas e-card, and he forwarded it to my grandmother and me yesterday:
Ding Ding Last Christmas

I can't stop playing it!
I'm up to 19 plays today (in about 12 hours)...
I mean, I like qyoot e-cards, and the Beatles, but I don't even particularly grok Hello Kitty-type struff! I think there must be some subliminal messaging in this. :-D

From istari_ala, by way of gondhir:

1. What animal is most like you?
Despite my being called a fishie, I'd think some sort of winged creature - a peregrine or gyrfalcon - would be aboat wright.

2. What animal would you WANT to be?
I rather like being a human, actually.

3. If you had to be either deaf or blind, which would you choose?
Deaf, much as it would be difficult. I don't have enough imagination to go blind. Also, it'd be very hard to work.

4. If you found an non-fatally injured alien, and you were alone, what would you do?
I'd try to communicate with him, her, or it so I could help hhi treat hhi's own injuries.
If hsi wanted to remain hidden and return to hhi's people, I'd help, but I would encourage hhi to seek out contact with trustworthy humans if hsi believed that such exist. If not, I'd try to convince hhi.

5. If you could build a house out of anything, regardless of cost or technical difficulties, what would you use for the main structure?
Fullerenes. Just acos that would be cllo.

6. Would you ever move out of your own country?

7. What's the worst or best chat up line you've ever used? Did it work?
Liek barahirion, I dknot use chat up lines; I just introduce myelf. Introducing myelf usually works, fro its intended porpoise, nazwaz. :-)
As for making friends, I jsut act myelf. I've been known to compliment ladies, but knot on their attire, which I lawaz find somehow awkward. I have a much easier time saying positive things about guys' clothing or about the appearance of women and girls in my family (shaddap, gondhir!)
Mais, as gondhir said, asking a lady out is usually a more scripted matter fro moi. Hrm. Oh, wlel.


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