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Yay/Boo Review of The Return of The King

Wlel, aye yam bax (from the cinema).

In a word: breathless.
Many Yay, some Boo, some relief, a lille confuzzlement.

Lots of ROTK SpoilersCollapse )

[22:08:52] <Banazir> lol - I did this global replace of <b>Boo</b> with <font color="red"><b>Boo</b></font>
[22:09:10] <Banazir> Adn accidentaly psated: <b>Yay</b> with <font color="green"><b>Boo</b></font>
[22:09:21] <Banazir> So now when I edit it keeps reverting to Green Boo
[22:09:32] *** Banazir has changed the topic on channel #teunc to It's the DEEAD I tell ya! Green Boo!


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