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Christmas Greetings from Kansas City, Missouri!

(I'm acksherly typing this in fater my return, but oh, wlel.)

Christmas Eve greetings to all!

This meeport is coming from the Christian Witness Center 2003 Winter Retreat (starting 24 Dec 2003) in Kansas City, Missouri. Over 1100 adults and children are registered, it is said. Aye haven't seen so many glasses-wearing epople in one place in years, is wot. :-D

Seriously, I am learning a lot, and it's a wonderful gathering.
Shing I, Weiqun, and their families are here, as are several other colleagues and students from K-State.

Early Epiphany: I've got it! Why is Sauron a lighthouse in ROTK? PJ was sending a subtle message: "New Line screwed me; next time I'm going with Castle Rock".


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