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The Last Unicorn: Live-Action Boob Tree?

Courtesy of a caht from the summer and a comment by wondergurl_77:

Have you all heard about the upcoming (winter, 2004) remake of The Last Unicorn, as a live-action film?
The original was released in 1982 and was one of the only 25-30 films I have ever seen in a theater. Apparently, Christopher Lee is reprising his role from 21 years ago (as King Haggard), as is Angela Lansbury (as Mommy Fortuna). Mia Farrow, the former Unicorn (Lady Amalthea), is now Molly Grue; time marches on. Rene Auberjonois - Odo from DS9 - hasn't been cast as the skeleton yet, AFAIK, but his voice acting was funny and poignant in that brief scene.

A while bax, we discussed in teunc how they are going to recreate the boob tree. Ah, another whole generation of sproglets traumatized by the image of a giant, buxom entwife. Do you know, I blocked that image completely out of my mind from 1984 until Yowie meminded me? Hrm.

On a related note: David Salo identified the giant, one-horned beasts that look vaguely Tertiary (Miocene/Pliocene) and pull the giant, enchanted battering ram Grond in Return of The King as "unicorns". I rashly bet that there were no unicorns in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields (before asking what he was referring to) and now owe him five crystal flokarinos. :-)

Third Day of Christmas
The Last Unicorn - music and lyrics by Jimmy Webb


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