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Incurable songs

Ever had a song that you just CANNOT get out of your head? Not the kind that loops until you fall asleep or are distracted away from thinking about it, nor the haunting melody that you are occasionally reminded of by certain sights, sounds, smells, or moods. I mean the catchy jingle or Top 40 song that just POPS unbidden into your mind when you hear its title or a tiny snatch of the melody... and then sets up shop.

Just about every song has an antidote, one that will balance out the state of mind it induces, if not the tune itself. But there are SOME songs that don't have one, at least not that I have been able to identify.

A case in point: "Build Me Up Buttercup" by the Foundations. The last time I heard this (before I decided to take Shreakspree's "give me surfeit of it" aversion therapy solution by downloading it from Grokster) was during a forgettable TV movie based upon Barry Williams's bio, called Growing Up Brady. After the passage of three days failed to eradicate this song from my mind, I tried to make Ashari (Steven Hatfield) listen to it. He immediately refused, and very wisely so! :-)

I am convinced that this thing is a weapon of mass destruction. There is just enough inexorability, just enough repetitiveness to this tricky lille ditty to make it a perfect vehicle for subliminal messages, nesupasu?

Oh, and dknot blame me if you listen and get infected... ;-)

("It's knot my FAULT!")

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