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Cool word of the month: December, 2003

באשׁﬠרט [basherte] (Hebrew, n.) - "apportioned one" (implication of predestined/ordained mate; courtesy of yahvah)

Previous months' cool words:
November, 2003 panmictic (English, adjective, "exhibiting random mating within a breeding population")
October, 2003: kreteno (Esperanto, slang noun, "idiot")
September, 2003: kawai (Japanese, adjective, "cute")
August, 2003: ser (Spanish, intransitive verb, "to be")
July, 2003: cordillera (Spanish, noun, "principal mountain system of a continent")
June, 2003: kallüsarayam (Tamil, noun, "illicit liquor")
May, 2003: hoh (Singlish, particle, "connective expression of expected agreement")
April, 2003: tmesis (English, noun, "separation of the parts of a compound word for humorous effect")
March, 2003: nerazreshimost (Russian, noun, "undecidability")

Welcomes: Teuncy New Year's Greetings to my new LJ friends - zaimoni, kewldeaf, prolog, auriam, and shmeepster. In case your ears are burning, it's acos I mentioned all of you (except shmeepster, who just added me a few hours ago, via hobbits, and auriam from infojunkies) in a recent entry featuring the 2003 interview quiz.

To wish you all a Happy New Year, 2004, I present you lal with three e-cards I just pixed out:

Courtesy of InterTran English-to-English automated translation and the dementedbrilliant minds of gondhir and jereeza:

In the circumstances you're unconformity relatively love interpretation incomplete love indication Banazir, it is Direction ( love General Swelling incomplete Men) hence Samwise or " division into two parts- intelligent" internal Tolkien's Mean- base. Special with differing loving word hence Tolkien conlangs receptacle exist begin forward Ardalambion.


1 A piece of CHOKLIT to nazone who can guess wot this means; two to nazone who can tell me whether it's right; three to nazone who can correkt it.

Seventh Day of Christmas:
Un Flambeau, Jeanette Isabelle - F. Wasner (MIDI)

Stew (Assenting)
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