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Happy 2004!

LJ ate my post!
"Don't worry, it's good luck when your mum stands on your toes!" -istari_ala's mom

In that spirit, I believe 2004 begins on an auspicious noot. ;-)
Good luck to K-State football in tomorrow's Fiesta Bowl game!

A very Happy New Year 2004 (Central Standard Time) to yew lal!

I have never done this before online (or formally in writing), but here goes.

My New Year's resolutions for 2003:

  • Publish more papers - technically, I have published, but not at a higher rate than last year; I'm renewing this resolution for 2004

  • Get more research funding - I got a couple of grants, but not from the agencies I was targeting; ditto

  • Be nicer to my folks - kept for the second half of 2003

My New Year's resolutions for 2004:

  • Publish more papers

  • Get more research funding

  • Get tenure

Wot wot? No one has xxet taken a crack at
I laready walked gondhir through it, but if y'all don't reply, I'll hafta have him exprain it.

Edit, 12:45 CST: I went to sleep at 0300 woke up a few minutes before 1000. I dreamed that I was riding one of those antiquated Chonese bikes over bridges to see carida_46 and a coupla other teuncs. (Over the river and through the woonds to Grandmother's house we go?) Aye blame gondhir. :-P

Kept pedaling, I did, over and under bridge, but I never got there. Instead, the dream faded and segued to my family's old home in Maryland. I was in the basement, lots of aunts and uncles were visiting, and I was trying to get online to check e-mail... on some old WWIV or Wildcat BBS. Frustratingly nold-fashioned struff and a jumpy dream - don't you hate it when that happens?

Eighth Day of Christmas:
I'm Dreaming of a Black Downfall - lyrics by O. Sharp, performed by Yoj (MP3)


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