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Food and Erasmus

Food Quiz
Snarfed from azurelunatic:

Foods I am actively badly allergic to:
None that I know of. I am very fortunate.

Foods I am mildly allergic/sensitive to:

  • Molded cheese (I am allergic to penecillin)

  • Lemonade (especially Country Time instant lemonade)

  • Ginger ale

  • Starburst fruit chews (I recently had a reaction to these and am avoiding them for now, more's the pity)

Foods I Don't Eat, Ever:

  • Any living animal, including insects

  • Raw or rare (very undercooked) meat

  • (Hypothetically) Animals with a developed cortex; very toxic organs, pet species, very cute species, endangered species

Foods I Don't Prefer, But Will Eat Occasionally or Pick Out of Mixed Dishes:
I'm not sure whether "pick out of" means "remove from" or "select from", but here are some...
Things I tend to select:

  • Water chestnuts

  • Hollow-stemmed vegetable (kong1 shing1 cai4
  • )</li>
  • Quail eggs

  • Straw mushrooms

  • Any deviled shellfish (crab, etc.)

Things I tend to remove (I have tried all of these at least once, usually two or three times):

  • cuttlefish, tough squid, gamy-tasting octopus

  • hard gelatinous sea animals (edible Cnidaria such as jellyfish, but not sea cucumbers)

  • very tough or crunchy seaweed (hai3 tai2)

  • very large meatballs (shi1 zi3 tou2 or "lion's heads")

  • small intestines and other chitterlings

  • chicken gizzards and lungs

  • chicken feet

  • pork ears

Foods I eat that many other people I know won't or can't:

  • Crab (especially deviled) and lobster

  • Scallops and mussels

  • Asparagus

  • Pork (especially ham)

  • Beef (avoiding it for the time being)

General Principles About My Food Prefs:
This is going to sound semi-Talmudic, but I think I already burnt that bridge above (sorry, yahvah):

  • I absolutely refuse to eat from any animal that is not fully killed, especially half-live, spinalized, encephalized, etc.

  • I will avoid consuming flesh from any animal that is inhumanely killed.

  • I would absolutely refuse to eat the meat of any animal species with a highly developed cortex: this includes higher primates (humans, obviously, all monkeys, probably lemurs), some cetaceans (dolphins and most whales), elephants, and others.

  • Save in dire circumstances, I would avoid highly toxic organs: livers of carnivores, pufferfish ovaries, etc.

  • I won't eat mammals, birds, or fish that are predominantly kept as domestic pets, especially in North America.

  • I won't eat mammals or birds that are very cute (koalas, wild mammal cubs; puffins, penguins).

  • I won't eat any animals that are endangered: this includes pandas, most tigers, and many whales.

  • Almost any vegetable or fruit is OK. I will try any nontoxic vegetable or fruit once (I'm ambivalent about trying durian, but I've decided to try it).

Erasmus Quote

The Dutch humanist and theologian Erasmus</i></b> is said to have written:
When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.

Of course, this is a Wacksoned1 version adopted by Waldenbooks (now a Borders subsidiary, can you believe it?).

The real quote:

Ad Graecas literas totum animum applicui. Statimque ut pecuniam accepero, Graecos primum autores, deinde vestes emam.
-Desiderius Erasmus

To Greek writings all my attention is turned. The first thing I shall do, as soon as I receive the money, is to buy Greek authors; after that, I shall buy clothes.

Now this, too, is valuable.
At any rate, I applaud people's dedication to the printed word when they are able to abide by the above (especially perforce)!

Everyone would do well to have a penchant for making bedpartners of books. Me, I'm waiting for a really good e-book reader and more digital/digitized text. My dresser drawers are quite covered with books and journals, but poisonally, it would be difficult to turn over and not knock all the books into next week.

By a show of hands: who has a bed covered in boonks, hrm?

1 I have great respect for Peter Jackson and admiration for his work in the LoTR films as a whole, but there are quite a few trasked plot lines, plot devices, bits of dialogue, and characters - hence this word.

Ninth Day of Christmas:
The Out of Tune Song - music and lyrics by Colin Buchanan (MP3)


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