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I Hoom in Your General Direction

Inspired by this set of LOTR/Monty Python icons by shiny_emma:

sui_degeneris: The Nazgul who say "ni!" - I love it!
banazir: Balrog: "They stuck these on me..."
banazir: Wormtongue: "He turned me into a newt! (I got better...)"
barahirion: you snotty faced heap of dwarrow droppings!
banazir: I hoom in your general direction!
banazir: Your mother was a hobbit and your father smelt of lembas wafers!

barahirion: wllecome to the castle Grond!
barahirion: (its not a very good name, is it?)
banazir: Lurtz: "Rrawr! It's just a flesh wound!"

banazir: "What have the Numenoreans done for us?!"
barahirion: lol
banazir: ("Well, they brought corn...") "Besides corn!"
banazir: ("And... uh, wine, that was good.") "Yes, yes, and what else?"
barahirion: Asides building creation, beating morgoth.... etc.... wot have the Valar ever done fro us?!
banazir suddenly hears Maedhros singing "The Bright Side of Life"
barahirion: lol
barahirion: awesome!

barahirion: Feanor moonlights as king arthur, attempting to get two uruk guards at angbad to fetch their master and stop discussing whether a fell beast can carry a boulder!
banazir: lol

banazir: Ghost King: "To prove that you are the King of Gondor, you must cut down the mightiest huorn in Fangorn Forest with..."
banazir: Aragorn: "Yes?"
banazir: Ghost King: "... a RING!"
gondhir: Herr Ring!
gondhir: Lord (of the) Ring!

Snarfed from istari_ala (United Nations) and gondhir (Bangladesh):

You're Turkey!

You have a good deal of history behind you, both good and
bad, but through it all, you've become a leader among your friends.  You
have an uncanny ability to make friends with people who hate each other, though
sometimes you just hate them instead.  Surprisingly fickle, you keep a
good balance in your life between religion and humanism, but most people think
you're fanatical anyway.  You're Istanbul, you're

the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid

You're Malaysia!

You're really lanky and you enjoy spreading out over a lot of different
places, but you've really got your act together these days.  It's still hard for you to
get respect, so you keep making greater and greater things so people will finally recognize
that you've arrived.  If you keep persevering, people will hopefully recognize that you
have more than a nice spice cabinet to show for yourself.

Take the Country
at the Blue Pyramid

A quiz for banazir, gacked from vretallin and laso masteralida and deire.
Hrm, one of these floks is knot liek the others...
(I did it nazwaz, but wot does one put for "bra"? "Barely there" doesn't seem to, um, cover it.)

I'm a Dolce & Gabanna Guy!
Dolce & Gabanna: Classy with an edge. You take
traditional ideas and give them a kick in the
ass! Always stylish and appropriate for

What fashion designer fits you
brought to you by Quizilla

Eleventh Day of Christmas:
O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) - lyrics and music by John F. Wade


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