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Skin of eVile: How To Make A Marmite Golem

The Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Skin of Evil" aired tonight on TNN, and of course I had to go share this immediately with jellybeanzulu, masteralida, vretallin, deire, gondhir, and twinbee:

[19:17:23] banazir: Armus the Marmite Golem on ST:TNG - TNN!
[19:22:35] banazir: "Skin of eViol" - the one wot kiled Tasha

[19:19:21] jellybeanzulu: is it really called "the Marmite Golem"?
[19:19:43] jellybeanzulu: I had a room-mate who kept that stuff in the fridge.. it was really vile

[19:17:49] vretallin: LOL
[19:35:59] vretallin: there was a post some time ago about armus beign a marmite golem in startrek misc group I think
[19:36:16] vretallin: the poster even detailed a 'ritual' on getting marmite adn animating it into a golem heheeh
[19:36:23] banazir: This one?
[19:36:23] banazir:
[19:36:41] vretallin: roflol it was yours hehe
[19:36:44] vretallin: yes indeed. :)
[19:36:51] banazir: lol
[19:37:01] vretallin: I read that back a long time ago.
[19:37:12] vretallin: probably when you first posted it. :)
[19:37:37] banazir: "Tune in next time for instructions on how to deanimate it."
[19:37:50] banazir: Pity I never got around to it :-D
[19:37:58] vretallin: roflol.
[19:37:59] vretallin: yeah
[19:38:06] vretallin: woudla been funny
[19:38:40] banazir: Well, that was Ermanna's gnubie quest in TEUNC
[19:39:04] vretallin: roflol :)
[19:39:18] vretallin: go hunt the marmite golem or aniimate one or hint and deanimate?
[19:39:35] banazir: I think it was to capture it and deanimate it
[19:39:36] vretallin: I think I should be more afraif that you *know* what marmite is. ;)
[19:39:40] banazir: We have a lot of leftover marmite
[19:39:43] vretallin: LOL
[19:39:53] banazir: Oh, I've never tried it
[19:39:55] vretallin: left over from what? (She asks bravely)

[19:17:59] deire: LOL
[19:40:38] deire: ew
[19:40:41] deire: Kill it!
[19:40:44] deire: Kill the beast!
[19:40:54] banazir: You've tried it? I never have
[19:41:03] deire: Nope. Eyucj
[19:47:41] deire ewewew marmite ew
[19:50:19] deire Why anyone would wnt to spread yeast extract on toast....

[19:26:08] gondhir: e-vile!
[19:26:34] banazir: eVile - where you can bid on disgusting sutff
[19:31:00] gondhir: jereeza bids on poo?
[19:31:19] banazir: She does?
[19:31:40] gondhir: At eVile!
[19:32:34] banazir: Oh
[19:32:40] banazir: Aye thot she jsut rates it
[19:33:14] gondhir: LOL
[19:38:56] banazir:
[19:38:59] banazir: Memember taht one?
[19:40:54] gondhir: No...
[19:41:11] * gondhir was knot in AFT at taht time.
[19:41:23] * gondhir was at sea on taht date. :P
[19:41:26] banazir: Ah
[19:41:55] banazir: "Eyucj" needs a deinition
[19:42:18] banazir: I think it's a Newok expwession of disgust
[19:42:20] gondhir: Yew just lik it cuz it looks lik "yoj". :P
[19:42:27] banazir: Eyucj!

[19:49:33] twinbee: haha. nice recipe hehe
[19:49:40] twinbee: its not a good idea to eat golems
[19:51:02] twinbee: you have a patient sense of humour
[19:51:09] twinbee: i could never type that out :-P

mrowe is going to be teacher's assistant for a Photoshop course!
Go, Morwen!

On the downside, at least half of the student body is academics; it'll be like herding TEUNCs :-) -mrowe
Do you know how the teuncs first came to be?
You should see wot it's liek herding academic TEUNCs...

Seen in megpie71's journal:

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Edit, 11:15 CST: Updated to include celandineb and masteralida

Edit, 17:45 CST: Happy Birthday, mostlyacat!
(Wlel, it's still afore midnught GMT as I psot this.)


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